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Translator of English, French → German

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Sworn translator in French for the courts of justice and notaries public in Saxony, Germany.

About me

I am native speaker of German and translator of English and French with long-term experience in translation practice, international sales, research, and teaching.
Since 1999 I have worked as a freelance translator for various international customers. Two of my specialties are translation of IT texts and software localization. My work is based on my research at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Köthen, Germany and Austin Community College, Texas, USA. At the latter, I am instructor of “Translation Studies and Software Localization”. Combining my international relationships in Research and Teaching with my practical work in Translation I am always at the cutting edge and translate complex, technical texts in a clear and comprehensible way.
In 1993, after finishing a Diploma in Translation at the University of Saarland, Germany, I worked as translator and export assistant at an international company in the plastics and rubber industry. The experience I gained in international sales is reflected in the open, friendly, and flexible way in which I work with my customers.

Organizational Philosophy
My work is based on the following principles:

In my work I apply the translation industry's best practices as codified in the German DIN EN 15038:2006 standard: "Translation Services - Service Requirements". Terminology management and constant attention to detail are hallmarks of this standard that I wholeheartedly embrace.

„Native speaker“- Principle and Expertise
I primarily offer translation into German, my native language. In very rare cases, I can offer translation into English or French. I only translate technical texts in fields in which I have sufficient knowledge or for which I can quickly gain the requisite knowledge. Thanks to a wide network of experienced translators with other native languages and fields of specialization, I can always help you with translations into other languages.

I am always up-to-date with the newest developments in computer-aided translation systems as well as quality assurance tools. My interest in Translation Memory systems, Terminology Management systems, Authoring and Content Management systems, Quality Management systems and other new technologies is illustrated in a number of my publications on different subjects.

Personal Strengths
Due to my teaching experience I have a critical view on my own work and extend and develop my skills and knowledge all the time. My strength is the ability to become immersed in new subject fields very quickly. On the basis of a well-founded education and my long-term experience in the industry, I am able to react with high flexibility to your requirements and align my skills to your individual needs.

Technical Equipment

  • Windows OS
  • Microsoft Office
  • IBM Translation Manager
  • Across Personal Edition
  • SDL Trados Suite und SDL Trados Studio
  • SDLX
  • memoQ
  • Idiom WorldServer Desktop Workbench

Do you require a software product which does not appear on this list?
Please do not hesitate to contact me: m.panzer@sprachverstand.com

Fields of Specialization
<IT, Software Localization>
<Technical Translations>
<Public Relations, Marketing>
<Medicine, Medical Technology>
<Human Sciences>

Are you looking for a translator in a specialty which does not appear on this list? I maintain an diverse network of qualified colleagues in various specialties and languages.
Send an email to m.panzer@sprachverstand.com


  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Cisco
  • Apple
  • Dassault
  • Cargill
  • SAP
  • Pearson Education Deutschland GmbH
  • Atlanta Hotel
  • PCS Power Converter Solutions GmbH
  • Kunststoffzentrum Leipzig (KUZ)

Higher Education Contacts

Membership in Professional Associations

Selected Publications

  • Altanero, T., Panzer, M. (2010). Localization Learning Between ACC and Anhalt. Multilingual March 2010, p. 47-49.
  • Panzer, M., Lehmann, S., Hausmann, S. (2010). Projektmanagement am Beispiel von Plunet Business-Manager. MDÜ 3/2010, p. 38-42.
  • Panzer, M. (2009). Automatisierung in der Qualitätssicherung. Intelligente Prüfsysteme. MDÜ 4/2009, p. 49.
  • Panzer, M., Uswak, V. (2008). Mit welchen Werkzeugen arbeiten Technische Redakteure?. MDÜ Dez. 2008, p. 37-41.
  • Panzer, M. (2008). click, cliquer, кликать - Is clicking global?. tcworld Magazine for International Information Management, 5/2008, p. 18-21.
  • Panzer, M. (2007). Die guten ins Töpfchen, die schlechten ins Kröpfchen. MDÜ 5/2007, p. 44-49.




Übersetzerin für Englisch und Französisch • Allgemein vereidigte Übersetzerin
für die Gerichte Sachsens und die sächsischen Notare für Französisch


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